A Request To Congress – New Legislation – The Truth In Legislation Act Of 2010

Posted March 19th, 2010 by The Congressional Heckler

I have been thinking about this for a while and now is as good a time as any to propose it. Since Congress is so active in trying to pass legislation and both sides are actively putting out information on the health care bill that may or may not be correct, it is a perfect time to have a piece of legislation enacted that requires Congress to provide TRUTHFUL AND ACCURATE INFORMATION about the legislation they are trying to pass!

Think about this for a second we have a Truth In Lending Act because mortgage companies and banks were not being truthful or honest when providing loans, so why should Congress be any different. In my humble opinion Congress should be required by law to disclose the whole truth about pending legislation to the American People. It is not enough to publish a bill 72 hours before a vote on it. They should be required, as they have required industries throughout the United States, to provide a simple to understand, truthful explanation of what each piece of legislation will do, how much it will cost and what it’s long term impact on our economy and taxes will be. Simply put, they need to be honest in their presentation of the bill and what it does or there are criminal repercussions.

Yes, I believe that members of congress should be charged with a crime if they lie to the American People about what a specific piece of legislation will do and how much it will cost! If private sector companies are held to a standard of truthfulness and honesty, why shouldn’t Congress be held to the same standard? I think Congress should be held to a higher standard because they are the ones making the rules. It is time that they should follow some rules.

As a citizen of the United States, I would very much welcome a change in Washington, one that would actually hold our elected officials accountable for what they say to us. I recommend this legislation because it is necessary to protect the American people from our elected officials. I believe that elected officials should be required to tell the truth when it comes to legislation and actions they take.

Now I call out any member of Congress, who really cares about our country to take the ball on this one and draft the legislation for the TRUTH IN LEGISLATION ACT OF 2010 and bring it up for a vote! I won’t hold my breath! Thinking about it even more maybe we should call it the TRUTH IN GOVERNMENT ACT of 2010, so as to cover not just legislation but also the actions of all elected and appointed officials, including the executive branch! Wouldn’t it be nice to see politicians and appointed officials think twice before they lie to us!

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