First of all, it has been too long since I posted on the site. For that I am sorry. It has been a rough couple of months dealing with this wonderful economy that the Bush Administration and Obama Administration have given us.

For the record I am not agreeing with Obama that he inherited a mess, as I believe that he and his party helped create this mess. Wasn’t he a U.S. Senator before he was President? Oh wait, I am sorry that was in name only, he spent most of his time as a U.S. Senator organizing his run for President. Never mind it cannot possibly be his fault, because he wasn’t really there to create legislation, he just followed the party line on the votes he showed up for! But, I digress.

Today I want to talk about Kentucky’s Senator Bunning, it has taken him 24 years but he finally realized that the American Taxpayer have their limits! Better late than never! If we could only get the President and the rest of Congress, both Democrats and Republicans to realize this. Sadly, the Republicans did not get behind Senator Bunning and take a real stand on this spending issue. Instead Senator Bunning and the Republicans in the Senate finally folded to pressure and passed a bill that really is part of the problem. As for the Democrats, they will never understand this concept, because they believe that there is a never ending source of money for them to spend!

Read Senator Bunning’s explanation for his actions in his own words.

As a country we cannot keep extending unemployment benefits indefinitely. Along those same lines, we cannot keep creating a welfare state, where whole sections of our country are born and raised as welfare recipients. It sends the wrong message.  The welfare state that has been created over the last 40 plus years has done nothing positive for those receiving those benefits. Sure, it has provided them with food and shelter, but it has drained them and their future generations of ambition and desire. Why should they bother trying to get a job or improving their lives? If they do they loose their benefits? That is one of the problems with the current system.

Another major problem with the current system is that there are a lot of scammers receiving benefits when they should not be. There needs to be better enforcement.  People receiving government benefits such as unemployment compensation and welfare should be required to give something back to the communities that are supporting them in their time of need. Yes, I understand that people have paid into these systems and should receive benefits back for their contributions, but what about the people who have never contributed one penny to these systems and receive benefits?  Is that fair?

Is it fair that someone who has immigrated to this country  (LEGALLY), gets their citizenship, never works a day of their life in this country is provided with Social Security Benefits as if they had worked and contributed? Is it fair that an individual who immigrates to this country (LEGALLY) is diagnosed with an alleged mental illness is given social security disability benefits, without ever having contributed a day in their life? I don’t think it is.

I also don’t think it is fair that illegal immigrants are provided benefits under most of the government’s entitlement programs. Here is a big shocker for all you Progressives and Liberals out there, they should not be here in the first place! They have broken our country’s laws and are being rewarded for it! How on earth does that make any sense? If I broke into your house, would you make me a cup of coffee? No, you would call the police and have me arrested because I BROKE THE LAW! What is the difference with illegal immigration? Don’t tell me that it is because they will do jobs Americans won’t, that is the problem. There should be no job in this country that an American is too good for. Unfortunately, because companies are not held accountable for hiring illegal immigrants they keep coming. This needs to change.

For those of you out there that are shocked by this, let me be very clear I AM NOT AGAINST LEGAL IMMIGRATION to the United states. I am AGAINST ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION to the United States. Why, because it is against the law!Because it is not fair to all of the people out their who are following the rules to come to our country. But again, I digress.

Getting back to the entitlement programs, contrary to the talking heads and politicians who pull at the heart strings about the need to extend unemployment benefits and other entitlement programs, such as welfare, there is a greater need to limit them and make people find and take jobs to contribute to the economy. These are out of control entitlement programs that are being used for political gain and not for their stated purpose, which is to help people in their time of need. Don’t get me wrong I strongly believe we should have some unemployment compensation and welfare programs to help people in their time of need, but there are far too many who are scamming the system. There is no such thing as a free ride, the benefits we pay for today will have to be paid for tomorrow!  Something needs to change with how unemployment and welfare are provided in this country.

What I propose is that people who need unemployment compensation or welfare be given it, but they need to report every morning to get those benefits. They should be required to report (unless there is a physical reason they cannot, i.e. illness, disability, etc.) and contribute to society. If that means reporting for a work detail to clean a park for a few hours or to report to an after school program and tutor children for a few hours so be it! If the receipt of those benefits is treated like a job, many people who are scamming the system will realize that it is better to find work and get paid for doing a real job.  For those people who are in genuine need of these benefits, giving them a way to contribute to their communities will maintain their self worth and dignity.

Why shouldn’t these members of our society do something to “earn” these benefits? Is it wrong to expect that they should do something productive with their time and get compensated for that? I am not saying they should be slave labor, what I am saying is each one of these people has a skill that could be used to benefit their communities.  It is wrong that people who could be productive in our society are not allowed a chance to be productive. How many of our communities right now in this touch economic climate couldn’t use the services of an unemployed computer programmer or nurse? If our society is already paying them these benefits, what would it hurt to have them work a few hours a day to give back to society until they find permanent employment?

Now the big problem with this proposal is that the public sector unions would feel threatened. Too bad! ( With regard to Unions, they are a major contributor to the problems are country is facing. There was a time where they were needed to even the playing field for workers, but today they have more political clout than business and are not looking out for the best interests of  the workers or this country.) We need to have every member of our society contribute to its improvement. Why should you or I work everyday and others in this country receive entitlement payments and do nothing in return? Now, don’t get me wrong there are people out their who genuinely need these programs, but there are the same ,if not more, who don’t, but are taking a free ride as long as they can.  I have actually been told by people they are on a “government paid vacation!” Once the benefits look like they are going to run out, they will start looking for a job! I have also witnessed people using food stamps, who have more jewelry than Mr. T and who are driving brand new cars! There is something wrong with the system!

I know I will get some progressive- liberal rant in response to this posting claiming that I don’t have a heart. I do have a heart. More importantly I am guided by commonsense. I don’t remember how the old saying goes but I recall something along the lines of : ” Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day, Teach a man to fish and he will eat for a life time.” I am not sure if that is the correct saying, but you get the point. The current unemployment compensation and welfare system we have does not teach a man to fish! The purpose of this whole system in its current state is to create a section of our society that is hooked on these entitlements and will not vote out the party (Which ever one is in power)  that is giving them the money! Sadly, I think that both the Democrats and the Republicans are hell bent on getting a “simple majority” of Americans on entitlement programs to secure their future political power. The Republicans talk a good game, but they had 8 years to get these entitlement programs under control and they did nothing!

Back to Senator Bunning, he took a stand and for that I commend him. If only he had taken the stand and held his ground maybe there could have been real change in Washington. Until the Politicians stop being Politicians first and Americans second there is no “Hope” for “Change!”

Sadly, we need to vote all of the current sitting politicians out of office and replace them with Citizen Legislators, who are not going to Washington for a career but are instead going to Washington out of a sense of civic duty and sacrifice. Being an elected official should not be a career there needs to be term limits. As is quite evident by the current members of Congress, if they are up there for more than two terms they begin to feel entitled to do whatever they want! They forget that they work for us!

I apologize for going all over the place this morning, but I have not posted since November and their is a lot of built up frustration that wanted to get out today.

- The Congressional Heckler - Reminding the members of Congress that they do some real stupid stuff on a daily basis!

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