Disagreeing With The Government Is Not Sedition – Just Ask Hillary Clinton!

Posted April 20th, 2010 by The Congressional Heckler

I am sick and tired of the double standard in this country. I am going off the Congress bashing approach of the blog today to talk in general about a double standard when it comes to political speech in this country.  When Bush was President it was OK for those on the left to carry signs about his death and call him a criminal and be down right nasty about their portrayals of the man. That was OK. Not a single Democrat stood up and said STOP this is sedition, this is not appropriate speech for a political debate. In fact they supported it by their silence.

Now that their leftist socialist dream candidate, Barrack Obama, is in the White House, free speech is dangerous. Anyone speaking out against his policies or his administrations actions is guilty of sedition. Even worse if you oppose his ideological views and the direction he is taking this country you are labeled a right-winged, racist, home-grown terrorist! Wow!! What else needs to be said? Now that the Democrats are in power there is no need for the voice of the opposition to be heard. Anyone who is not with the Democrats is against them and subject to character assassination by the puppet mainstream media and party hacks.

I for one am sick and tired of this double standard and choose not to allow it to go on any more! I am going to call out the double standard everytime I see it! The American people are tired of government for the politicians, by the politicians. We have had enough. We the people want our government back from the political elite. We will vote you out starting in November and continue to do so until Washington is cleaned up. The days of endless spending and taxation without representation are over! Accountability will be the theme going forward.

On the issue of disagreeing with the government, I think Hillary Clinton said it best:

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