Like A Thief In The Night The House Stole America’s Future

Posted November 8th, 2009 by The Congressional Heckler

It is a sad day in America today. The Democratic House, without even reading their own bill and truly knowing what it does to Health care voted for it! They cheer their “Historic” moment for all of the wrong reason. The road to Hell is paved with good intentions. This moment in history will be one of them. Very soon our government will control 1/6 of the economy. Very soon our government will control what you and I can do with regard to our health. Very soon America will be a third world country because the fools in charge of our government spend money we don’t have and are taxing people to the point of no return.

Seriously, why should I continue to work my ass off to provide for my family when there is a growing section of our country who doesn’t work and is provided for by the government at my expense? What is my incentive to continue working, when others are getting the rewards of my labor? What happened to the values that founded this country? At what point did we the people get seduced by the entitlement mentality that is destroying our freedom and our future? At what point did we become so apathetic as to not hold our elected officials accountable?

The passage of this bill more likely spells the end of America as I have known it for all of my life. Once the Senate passes this bill there is no turning back, we will become a socialist country just like those in Europe. We are bankrupt now but we will plunge into the abyss after the true costs of this legislation are realized.  To those of you who championed this bill, you got what you asked for, more taxes and more government control. Don’t be shocked when doctors start leaving the profession and attendance in medical schools drops like a brick! By the time President Obama is up for election again, all you who support this bill will realize that there is no choice, but the government option. There will be no competition. Most importantly, there will be no health care but rationed health care!

To those people out there that are members of AARP and did not support this legislation because it is against all commonsense, quit AARP! The only way to get the point across to a fraud organization such as AARP is to hit it in its pocketbook! Quit AARP if you feel betrayed! Quit AARP if you feel it does’t represent your best interest! Quit AARP to send a loud and clear message to those who voted for this abomination of health care legislation that they too will have a day of reckoning in the next election!

 Unfortunately, at that point it won’t matter, the damage is done, but at least we can punish those responsible by taking away the only thing that matters to them and that is the power of their congressional seat!

To the members of the AMA who are still trying to figure out how on earth your organization backed the health care bill without a vote of the membership, vote your leadership out or quit. The leadership of the AMA has sold you down the river and betrayed your trust. The backing of the AMA and AARP is what gave these fools in the house the cover they needed to pass this horrible legislation. Without these endorsements there was a fear of reprisal in the next election cycle. Because of these two organizations backing of a bill which neither organization has read, nor any member of the House has read, our country is going to be changed from the land of the free and the home of the brave to the land of the poor and entitled and the home of the 51% that pays taxes to support the other 49%.

To the Republicans, all I have to say is you reap what you so. You had control of the House and Senate up to 2006 and chose to do nothing! It is because of your fat cat attitude that you did not have enough votes to put serious opposition to this bill. Their amendmenton the abortion issue is what gave the conservative Democrats the ability to vote for whole bill! Great job guys, way to win the battle and lose the war! The Republican party has got to be the most short sighted group in history!! Don’t go around and say that you guys did your best to try and stop this thing, you didn’t. What you did is pander to a portion of your base instead of looking at the big picture and realizing that there was a way to use the abortion issue to stop the bill completely. Once again the House Republicans played right into the Democrats hands! The leadership of the House Republicans should do the honorable thing and step down and there should be an IQ test to get the new leadership in place! You guys are inept and pathetic!! Next time instead of holding a feel good rally why don’t you pull your heads out of your ass and use some commonsense to defeat Democratic-Progressive-Socialist legislation!

The Republicans have proven themselves incapable of using power when they have it for the greater good of the country. So have the Democrats. It is time for a third party to keep both of these power hungry groups in check. My party affiliation as of today is now AMERICAN! We all need to become AMERICANS first and stop being a member of these political parties. It is clear that both the Democrats and Republicans do not represent the interests of America or We The People.

There still may be hope to change this situation, there is a four year build up before the Government takeover occurs. There may still be time to vote out all those who supported it and vote in those who will repeal it before it starts damaging our country beyond all repair. It will take the American people, the 51% who still pay the taxes  to take a stand and vote all the bums out of office in the next election cycle and to vote in Americans who think of their country first and their party affiliation second.

I pray for America today and I pray for my children who will be paying for the actions of these fools in the House. It is one thing to saddle us with these burdens, it is another to saddle future generations who did not have any say in what is being done. When did commonsense get replaced with progressive double-speak?

- The Congressional Heckler - Reminding the members of Congress that they do some real stupid stuff on a daily basis!

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