Question of the Day: Are Republicans Any Better Than Democrats?

Posted June 6th, 2011 by The Congressional Heckler

It has been a while, since my last post. I was hoping that things would have changed, but unfortunately they have not.

Here is the question of the day: “Are Republicans any better than Democrats? What I mean is do they really do the people’s work or are they doing what is necessary to stay in power?

Thus far the Boehner Congress has not lived up to expectations. The republicans talked a great game, said exactly what conservatives wanted to hear in the last election cycle, but they have not done anything but talk. They foolishly attempt to negotiate with the Democrats in good faith when they should know that the Democrats do not deal in good faith on any issue that is not to their political advantage or the advantage of their union supporters! Yet the Republicans keep trying to negotiate, even though in the end it will cost them dearly in the next election cycle. I have decided to call this Republican Congress the “Charlie Brown Congress” because their approach to the Democrats reminds me of Charlie Brown’s attempts to kick the football that Lucy is holding. Every time he is about to kick it, she pulls it away and he falls flat on his back! Unfortunately, in the real world this will result in a continued economic decline of this country.

So back to my question of the day: Are Republicans any better than Democrats? In my humble opinion, they are not. Like the Democrats all they care about is staying in power. They seem not to care about what the people want or need. They engage in theater for public consumption, but do not take any substantive actions to put our government back on track. To Mr. Boehner and the rest of the Republicans I say SHAME ON YOU!

It is time for the American People to put America First and Democrats and Republicans second. It is time that “We the People” show are disdain for the current Two Party System by forming a new political party to keep the Democrats and Republicans in check. A new Third Party that is based upon:

1. Limited federal government;

2. Legal immigration and enforcement of immigration laws currently on the books. If you are here illegally you have broken the law and there are consequences, contrary to what some Democrats believe “Illegal” is Illegal; 

3. Iimmediate de-funding of all foreign aid to countries that hate the USA and de-fund a significant portion of our contributions to the United Nations; 

4. A Flat Income Tax FOR ALL people living in the United States, no deductions, everyone pays;

5. A reduction in the salaries of all members of congress to the median national salary average;

6. A commonsense reform of health care, i.e. stop fraud in Medicare & Medicaid and streamline the process to get new drugs to the market;

7.  Repeal the 17 Amendment – Make the Senate the representative of the States like it was originally intended; and


Wake Up America! The Politicians (Democrats and Republicans) are out for themselves they do not care about the People! They do not believe thePeople have the power to stop them, they believe we work for them! Show them they are wrong! Remind them that they work for us! Use your vote in the coming election cycle to VOTE them all out!

Start putting people in government that believe in the founding father’s vision of the United States. Put people in office that understand that public service is sacrifice and not for personal profit. Put America First!

- The Congressional Heckler - Reminding the members of Congress that they do some real stupid stuff on a daily basis!

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