There Is One Word To Describe What Democrats In Congress Are Doing … TREASON!

Posted March 16th, 2010 by The Congressional Heckler

According to the definition of  TREASON is:  “the betrayal of a trust or confidence; breach of faith; treachery.” I cannot think of a word that more appropriately describes what the Democrats are doing. Make no mistake about it, the passage of this health care reform bill, a bill that technically does not exist, will bankrupt our country and destroy the American Dream.

Any member of Congress who knowngly votes for this legislation  under the current economic conditions can only be one thing, a traitor. Only a traitor would engage in an activity that is sure to destroy their country. Only a traitor would set into motion events which will destroy our country from within. Only a traitor would ignore reality and push forward a government take over of freedom.

The sad truth here is that most democrats love their country, but they are being pressured by a Congressional leadership and President who are so far left of center that Karl Marx is wondering what they are doing! The Congressional Leadership of Nancy Pelosi and Harry Ried are hell bent on controlling every aspect of our lives and the easiest way to do that is to take control of our health.

Once they have control of the cost of our health care, they control what we do with our lives. If a lifestyle activity impacts health care costs they will regulate it. If you are fat be careful they will be coming for you! If you smoke they will be coming for you! If you drink they will be coming for you! If you don’t exercise regularly they will be coming for you! If you drink soda or eat sweets they will be coming for you! You will no longer have the freedom of choice or basic fundamental freedoms, because your actions will cost the government money and government controlled health care cannot afford you!

This bill cannot pass, because once it does the Democrats know it is here to stay!  We cannot count on the Courts to protect us from the bill nor can we count on Republicans to remove it once the Democrats loose control of the House and Senate. Make no mistake about it, the passage of this bill will spell the beginning of the end of America as we have known it. 

What we are now facing is a political elite who think they know better than the people. They believe that the American people are fools that need to be controlled by an all knowing, all powerful government. What we have is a group of people in Washington who are more interested in their own power then they are in doing what is best for their country. No Democratic member of Congress who really cared about this country would engage in an activity that was 100% guaranteed to bankrupt it!  Yet they are all marching off the cliff in lock step. The few members who resisted either were bought off or run off. 

Our country is bankrupt, we cannot afford another entitlement program. Our credit rating is about to be lost and the passage of this bill will seal our fate. Health care needs to be reformed, but it does not need to be taken over by our government. The simple fact is that nothing that our government runs is ever efficient and ever does exactly what it was promised to do. The claim of “Universal Health Care For All” is a myth. There is no way that everyone in the United States is going to be able to get the care they need or want under a government controlled system. All one has to do is look at the VA to see this fact. There are veterans who wait months and years for medical treatment they need. What makes anyone think the future government controlled health care system will be any different?

The democrats argue their plan will provide more people access to quality health care, to that I say YOU LIE! Use commonsense, if a company is provided the option of staying with their current health care insurer and paying a substantially higher cost to be in the plan or choosing to drop health care insurance altogether and paying a minimal fine or switching to the government back plan that costs less, which do you think they will do? I can sure as heck guarantee you that they will not be spending money on the private plan you currently have. The dirty little secret the Democrats are attempting to hide is that their “Plan” will destroy choice and availability and with in a decade all of us will be on a single payer system. That in turn will result in a loss of 1/6 or our economy.

History and Europe prove that bigger government does not provide economic growth or security. I know that Greece was the cradle of western civilization, but I personally do not want to have America become Greece! Before you support this Democratic Suicide mission, look at history, look at Greece! Our Country cannot afford this, it will bankrupt us or even worse put us on a path toward civil unrest.

MAKE NO MISTAKE – This is not about helping the American People, it is about political power and control.  The American people have been quiet long enough, it is time we made our voices heard loud and clear. To all members of Congress, especially those Democrats who sill love their country, vote against this bill. Have the courage to stand up for what is right. On this bill you need to vote for your country first and put your political party second. If you vote for this bill you will be voted out of office. If you vote for this bill you will secure your place in history as the members of Congress who destroyed freedom, destroyed the American Dream and quite possibly destroyed our country.

Listen to the People, DO NOT VOTE FOR THIS BILL!!!!!

I hope this post starts a firestorm online and makes people take a hard look at what the Democratic Controlled Congress is attempting to do. The majority of Americans need to raise their voices so that there is no doubt that this attempted government take over is not supported by the People! Contact your representative today, as often as you can and tell them not to vote for this threat to your freedom! Health care needs to be reformed but not at the cost of individual freedom and our country’s future!

May God Bless the United States and protect it from all those who wish to harm it, both foreign and domestic (Congress)!

- The Congressional Heckler - Reminding the members of Congress that they do some real stupid stuff on a daily basis!

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