The following videos says it all. It points out why America is the greatest country on earth, despite its politicians and the failures of our Congress and current Administration. If This had occurred when George Bush was president, the media would have crucified him, yet President Obama and this Democratic Controlled Congress get a pass! Why?

Watch these videos closely and think about the news reports you remember seeing regarding the flooding in Nashville? Do you recall any reports that showed the depth of the actual devastation that was happening?¬† During Hurricane Katrina the media and members of Congress went to extremes about the failure of the federal government to assist the people of New Orleans, where are they now? If the images in these videos and the lack of federal and media attention to this tragedy doesn’t concern you, nothing will.

America has been fundamentally changed, it is now run by politicians and a political party that only cares about power and its allies who keep them in power. Unfortunately, the people of Nashville by and large don’t fall into this category, so I guess that is why they were left to fend for themselves! Wake Up America!!

- The Congressional Heckler - Reminding the members of Congress that they do some real stupid stuff on a daily basis!

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